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Our New Featured Slide Show 
Trailer Tent really is a little different to our normal featured tents. We dont normally feature a cheaper part exchange which we are clearing out but this is such good value especially for someone who wants to try trailer tenting for very little money... SOLD...please watch this page later this week for our next featured trailer tent

Conway Clipper DL
 For full details including price please see our 'Trailer Tents For Sale' page.

(Please bare in mind the photos are taken outside our premises where it is set up on concrete so its not pegged out & tensioned)

Our Personal Unique Warranty
Allows you to buy with confidence
Its  flexible, friendly, & tailored to suit you.
Written in plain English, simple to understand 
and with NO hidden clauses or nasty surprises.
In a perfect world all warranties would be this good!

This friendly flexible warranty is in addition to,
 and does not affect your statuary rights
This warranty does not apply to discounted and/or part exchange tents advertised as "sold to clear" and/or "sold as seen". 

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